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The Lion's Roar - Passion for Kaz-shion.

Passion for Kaz-shion

Issue No.14 : Norwington Fashion Show!

Once upon a time in Norwington state, located in Boralus, I attended a lovely event organized by Brienne Langedijk and Isabella Slock. The fashion show, organized by me and my dear Khari was a true blast. There were several categories and of course, I took a picture of the outfits that stole my heart back then, in this new issue a bring those to you all. Enjoy!
Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Poppy Warren

Sass and class together, Poppy won the Autumn Wear category with this very chic Kul Tiran outfit. The leather details and the crotchet patterns simulating barnacles really make this dress unique. To spice up the look, she adorned her hair with small rose flowers that were attached to tiny raven braids, a hairstyle that we can see more and more in the boralian streets as of late. This business woman is the owner of the Forgotten Finery, a jewelry shop you should all check out in Stormwind. We’ll drop here the models and prizes of all the shinies she’s wearing and even a five 5% discount exclusive coupon at the end of the issue. Trendy as always Poppy, congrats on that first place!!

Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Genevere Fanshaw

An elegant autumn look with which Ginny looks dashing. The silk top combined with the velvet undershirt did it for me, she put effort and creativity so her look didn’t just look plain but had some jazz to it. Black pants, a basic that never goes wrong and some nice violet boots to break a little with the whole “falls” theme, given that this was an autumn event. My ever so joyful friend is wearing all the jewelry from the Forgotten Finery shop, in which she works and where you can find her to ask about the golden hoop earrings she’s wearing and that I copied from her!

Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Sarah Sandcog

Sarah here wore a very comfy winter outfit, announcing with it the cold that came with the Winter season back then. Cashmere sweater, combined with jeans and blue snow boots, all of them at a very affordable price in “ Chills and Wigs” Funnily enough, they don’t sell wigs, but they focus on winter wear and sell the best fluffy and warm hats I’ve ever seen. Find the little shop beside the bank in Trader’s District and show this issue for a 10% discount! And Sarah girl, you looked gorgeous, well deserving of the first place for the “Casual Wear” category she partook in during the show.

Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Jack Grimsdale

One of my favorite models, my dearest friend Jack Grimsdale. Sorry ladies, I hid his face in this one, but it was his own fault as he participated in the show with this wild look! For the “Autumn Nature” category, he decided to go all bushy-like and dress up as what he called a palm-tree. I still prefer to think it’s a bush, cause that’s where it would fit in an AUTUMN fashion show? Whatever, let’s appreciate the effort, good looks and laughs his attire provided. Keep being so fashionable Jack Grimsdale!

Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge

The sweetest lady of all, Everlin, won the “Autumn Nature” category with this stunning look, for me she just looks like the Autumn Queen. Her idea was to resemble some majestic eagle to win the judges, and that she did. Damn I can’t say other than she looked beautiful!