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The Lion's Roar - Passion for Kaz-shion.

Passion for Kaz-shion

Issue No.1 : And so it all starts!

For her first segment we thought we would give Kazia a fun challenge and sent her off to find six ordinary people with questionable fashion sense and give them a Kazia make over and I for one was quite excited to see the results. I do hope all of you will be as well

Model: Marga

That girl is Marga, she's quite young just turned twenty and works at the docks. For that reason, she opts for comfortable and practical clothing. For her feeling pretty wasn't even on her mind, which I found a pity. She's cute and young, so I offered her dressing comfortably but more according to her age and all. She sure loved it, the pants are elastic, the shirt has suspenders that help at keeping the shirt in place everytime she leans to pick a box. Marga was thrilled to see herself pretty and ready for work!


Model: Nicholas

This is Nicholas, a sailor I casually bumped into when I left Marga at work. He's an old and fun man, that was looking forward to a new experience! He challenged me to make him look younger. Of course, I'd never say no to a fashion challenge and with that I got to work. He's a proud sailor, lover of the sea and fishing. Once more this was about being comfortable and practical, but also making him look younger- First thing that was needed was proper boots, nice but that could resist the circumstances he faces within a ship, and well the hat was the final touch to give him that nice sea-rover vibe. I kept to serious colours, so it's according to his age.


Model: Fionna

This is Fionna, a druid I found as a bird just following me around. I asked her to come down and join me with my friends but she flew away the first time. The second time I saw her she came down to me, and was dressed as you can see, old ragged clothes. I asked why was she so timid at first and guess what...-She kept herself in her animal forms embarassed of her clothing and looks. That couldn't be so I took her shopping, and look at the result. A true beautiful druidess. She felt powerful, pretty and ready to let herself be seen.


Model: Nick

This one is a mysterious mercenary that gave me an alias, Nick. In his case he cared about his image, he likes being social and kinda flirty. But he was aware that matching his attire isn't his thing, I don't think his armour was horrible, but seemed more fit for a soldier I'd say? Anyhow, I liked using grey armour to highlight that lovely hair color of his. The lighter armor he wore required a lot of maintenance and polishing, he got muddy on some jobs and it was quite time draining. So that's the path I followed, making his life easier while looking good. He did thank me some days ago, seems he barely has to polish it!


Model: Laila

It's easy to notice that Laila, is a mage. There's nothing specially wrong with the first attire, but I knew I could make her look even better, and more powerful with a touch of sexyness! Purple is really a hard color to match, and it's not for everyone. Mostly blondes pull it off amazingly, and look at her why hide that golden mane and sweet face with a hood? I inspired her in the Violet city, Dalaran. She had very dear memories of her years of study there, I do think there's a big improvement, exploiting her strong suits and natural beauty. We are having drinks and shopping plan next weekend so. I think she was happy.


Model: Spencer

That's Spencer, and oh my....Never met someone so photogenic. I've been trying to decide what pics to take for the last day. He's an engineer and makes bikes mostly. Look at the first piece, all leather? That's a no-no, so much leather is for other situations not to work in it. I asked him how comfortable that was and he didn't even know what I meant. But not just that, he always wears the same outfit, has like seven pieces of that attire. I assume he wasn't bothered by fashion, but hey dressing an engineer sounded fun. I convinced him to let me dress him by telling him, that he would sell more bikes if he looked "cooler", he admitted that his friends at the bike club looked fancier than him. So that was the result. We added leather, and some mail here and there to protect him for the various crushes he suffers, everytime he rides his bike.