he last few days has been hectic and rough on good old Lady Stormwind and business owners and shopkeepers are backing up and relocating. A few brave (or stupid?) bartenders insist on sticking around as rest of the city looks to Redridge and Duskwood and wonder how much longer they will be safe. The Shady Lady has moved their business to Boralus where their weekly brawl is being held on a ship, aptly named The Shady Lady Vessel,
"Drinks are better when you can enjoy then without worrying that a ghoul might try and bite your arm off. That is why we closed the Shady Lady and moved to Boralus. But we brought the Shady with us! We are now serving and hosting events from The Shady Lady Vessel in Hook Point!"
as the boss herself, Danny puts it. The Amber Foundation, the charitable umbrella organization has vacated The Blue Recluse until further notice, they are now operating the Hero's Welcome in Dalaran (Greyfang Enclave) until the whole thing blows over. The Golden Keg has limited staffing, but daily manager Zhakariah is still in the city and in between helping feed refugees and wounded then he will also be in the bar during some late hours as long as it is relative safe.
"I'm not much of a soldier, but even soldiers need to eat, and Light knows people need a drink and a talk these trying days."
Zhakariah says when asked why he has not left the city like most civilians. In Old Town the Pig and Whistle is also still operating, and if the following quote from Brandi is any testament to go by then it will come down to the staff - or the ghouls:
"I'll be fucked if we're gonna close down for a bunch o' ghouls. We got a rifle behind t'bar, an' plenty o' spirits. T'Pig ain't goin' down without a fight!"
Brandi, a long-time bartender of the Pig and Whistle, says. In Mage district the Lamb is still running as well, apparently finding these trying times to be the best times to try to sell homemade masks as a mean of protecting against the scourge. We at The Lion's Roar are not entirely how a mask works when an abomination is blocking the street, but at least they serve drinks still. Fan-favorite shops like The Dustcloud Corporation's Shop in Cathedral Square, and The Traders Initiative's likewise has both been boarded up and closed for now. Dustcload Corporation can be contacted in the Jade Forest (Tian Monastery), and for them the closing of the shop coincides with a scheduled renovation:
"We have planned to renew the shop with a bigger stock and storage before anyway, now it just get taken out longer, if you can say this. We are thinking about coming back to Stormwind once all this is over and maintenance the shop to the new stock once it is done, but for now we remain in Tian Monastery, our home. However everyone that is in need of our items, can come there and stay for awhile. We are taking up refugees there and try to protect the area. We are not focused to sell our goods, but we are doing it, if something is needed."
Lady Arianda Dustcloud, Leader of the Dustcloud Corporation says. The Traders Initiative has relocated to Boralus where the have taken up residence in Uptown and continue their business,
"In light of current events in Stormwind, we have made the decision to move to Boralus to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. You can find us in Upton Borough, open at our usual times."
Ignatius Duporth, Senior Manager of the Traders Initiative says. Last, but not least then the Hummingbird Emporium in Mage District is also closed until further notice, and with it, the weekly chocolate stalls at Lion's Rest. The Lion's Roar itself continues to maintain a presence in the city, but our office hours are strictly limited to Boralus and Dalaran now as we deemed it too dangerous for our secretary to stick around the city.