Walk a mile in my shoes: Lamplighter Nightbird

21-09-2020 BY Mel Thorpe / Journalist IN Culture
A few weeks ago, when I saw a girl climbing a ladder and lighting one of the streetlamps herself, she agreed to come in for an interview with me and our assistant Wyra so we could find out more. Mel: Let us start with your name. Nightbird: I uh.. Well, I go by Nightbird. I find that more creative. Mel: Ah then Nightbird it shall be. Wyra: It is definitely mysterious! And intriguing. Mel: May I ask, how long have you been lighting the streetlamps in the city? Nightbird: How long? Hmm, I moved into Stormwind half a year ago, where I took upon the task of being a lamplighter. It sounded simple enough. Wyra: You know -- I have l.....[READ MORE]

New Branch Manager at the Royal Counting House

It is pretty late - past midnight actually, but things have been very busy lately. While rest of my staff is downstairs dealing with a courier who delivered a bomb, and now also poisoned a man, I am upstairs in our office with the newly appointed Branch Manager Kretind Khelem, of the Royal Counting House Dwarven District Branch. Mr. Frostcog: Thank you for stopping by. I am Spazzlefrock Frostcog, Editor in Chief of the Lion's Roar. And also the one who has a bit of time to talk to you in these busy days Branch Manager Khelem: A pleasure Sir. As you already know. Branch Manager Kretind Khelem, of the Dwarven district branch of the Royal Counting House. Mr. Frostcog: The Royal Counting House. I assume you don't spend your time coun.....[READ MORE]

Does Cabbage Ron smell of rotten cabbages?

The short answer to the question posed in the headline is no. No "Cabbage Ron and the City of Stormwind" is not a stinker. Nor a sinker. For the better part of half an hour the theatre group "Midnight Theatre" dazzled the citizens of Stormwind, high and low, with their play about the somewhat unlucky Cabbage Ron who goes to the big city to sell his cabbages so his family can eat and make it through the winter. Alas, despite his wife’s warnings then his trip turns out to be anything but simple.

The big city:

Cabbage Ron and the City of Stormwind takes Ron through various ordeals, like any good story his situation turns from bad to worse to outright deadly, and only through the actions of a beneficial supreme leader - does he end the play with a beating heart. Between corrupt guard, an outright me.....[READ MORE]

Theatre? at midnight? Madness? No. Cabbage Ron and the City of Stormwind

19-09-2020 BY Hardhy Lester / Senior Journalist IN Culture
Tonight, at midnight a theather group performs their original play - Cabbage Ron and the City of Stormwind. As a leadin to that we decided to track down one of the members of the group and ask him a few questions about the upcoming play on the shore of make-out-pond. H.Lester: This good? K.Lachlan: Yeah, this is grand. We actually practised here. K.Lachlan: Yeah, easy enough spot to all meet up without getting interrupted. Add in the refugee's boom. H.Lester: Before we get to far into it, could you introduce yourself? and the troupé? is that what it is called that you are part of? K.Lachlan: Kyndon Lachlan is my name. A part of The Midnight Theatre. H.Lester:[READ MORE]

MY hold-backs don't stop me; they shouldn't stop YOU either!

16-09-2020 BY Mel Thorpe / Journalist IN Sport
And here is this weeks breakdown of the fights. Enjoy.


Luna v Green Menace: Up first Luna, a young looking draenei lass. She doesn't seem to be built like a brawler, but we will see how she does in her first brawl against the Green Menace, I have seen this gnome once before and must say I was not impressed. She starts off well though, running through the draenei’s legs and dragging her to the floor with a swift pull of the tail, before being kicked and sent flying clear into the crates. The two actually seem pretty evenly matches despite the huge height distance, trading blows pretty evening but in the end the Green Menace manages to slam her opponent into the ground once more proving size isn't everything as she moves on to the next round. Morty vs Gennan:[READ MORE]

Incompetence and too big an ego? Guards prove useless!

15-09-2020 BY Hardhy Lester / Senior Journalist IN Crime
Burne Atherton was a man in his forties, a worgen, but a worgen who was in control of his curse. Spending time with his daughter in the wilds, teaching her to hunt, to survive and how to live with the curse she too suffers. One evening a few weeks ago Burne was visiting Stormwind. Burne was not a man who often goes to the big city, his young daughter told us, but now and then he visited to shop supplies for their trips into the wild. That night was one of those trips. Just a quick trip to the city. A few nails, some bullets, a couple of animal traps, some fishing gear. The usual, just re-supplying. But nothing about this night turned out to be as usual. Sometime during the night Burne ended up in the Harbour area with the killer. We most likely will never know exactly how it happened, but at some point .....[READ MORE]