Warehouses infested with moths? Surprise fees on silk trading? Silk Worm Right Activists disrupting production? The reasons for the sudden increase in prices on silk cloth in bulk at the Stormwind Auction House are as many as there is different Dwarven ales in the Golden Keg. But which one is true? and what spike in prices are we talking about?
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Back when the month of May was new and in it's infancy, the price of bulk traded silk cloth was around 0,02 gold per unit, or 2 silver. A price which had been more or less steady for awhile. But as May rolled over into June the price went crazy, from 0,02 gold (again, that is 2 silver) per unit to 0,08 gold per unit at the beginning of June. That may not seem as much, but that is actually an increase of a staggering 300%!!! Now imagine for a moment what it would be like if your salary went up with 300%, or your rent, or the price of your ale! A 300% increase, in less than a month.

But wait, there is more!

So now we are at the start of June, price of silk cloth is at 0,08 after the before mentioned increase of 300%. What now you might think, that is already a crazy increase, right? - but it gets worse. From June to July the price goes up again, granted, a little less, from 0,08 to 0,27 at the beginning of July, this time an increase of 238%, yet again a hefty increase in price, but the real madness comes when you look at the increase from May to July, from 0,02 gold per unit to 0,27 gold per unit. A whooping 1250% increase! If you were investing in silk at the time, then wowzer you must be on the right track to richness now!

Huh..but why?

The clever reader might, at this point, wonder why the price of silk cloth has gone up by such an incredible amount. Not much sees a 1250% increase in a few months time, besides the bar bill of my good friend Murrith, so what may be the reasoning for this jump in price? We asked the Auctioneer Fitzgerald in the auction house in the Dwarven District, if he had any insights into this jump in trading prices.
"Simple really. Supply and demand. The amount of silk for sale has declined, and with it, the price has gone up. Its just business mate, but I'm afraid I can't tell you why the amount of silk has gone down. I just trade the stuff. " -Auctioneer Fitzgerald
When asking around the trade district for the reasons for this downspiralling supply, and hence higher prices - we where met with a series of diverging reasons. Which one is the real one, if any of them, is anyones guess, we will leave you with a few of the more.. interesting reasons.
"It's the moths my man! Big as birds, all over the warehouses down by the docks. Eating it all, I hear some bolts of cloth are as holed as one of them Alterac Swiss cheeses." -Human trader
"You know where most silk is made these days? That is right. Pandaria, The Silken Fields in Valley of the Four Winds. And you know about them Pandarians don't you? they got fur. You know what that means... a fucking mess, just like the way they eat!" -Rude "nobleman"
"Silk has to be shipped here as you know, either from Pandaria or Kalimdor. Lately there has been a union of sort controlling the transport of silk, and they have imposed new fees on the transport of silk. They say its voluntery to pay the fee and that is to protect your transport.. but I hear you are VERY sure to have your transport attacked if you do not pay the fee. " -Oret Knarr. Kul Tiran Tailor
"Hah, havn't you heard? D.E.H.T.A. has included silk worms on their list of animals to protect. Those radical fanatics have just about ruined the Silk production business." -Gnomish Engineer




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