Early this morning, or late last night - depending on perspective - a large and loud explosion was heard in the vicinity of the Stormwind harbour. Authorities have no comment at this time, but the Stormwind Sanitation Services are busy in the area, picking up pieces of paper.
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Apparently a stack of crates being unloaded from the fair ship "Boomstick up ya arse", a Steamwheedle Cartel merchant ship, straight in from Ratchet suddenly started hissing loudly and a minute later - luckily just enough time for everyone to flee the stack of hissing crates - a large purple shear in the time and space fabric appeared, accompanied with an ear sundering loud explosion. We asked a dock worker at the scene what they saw.
"Huh? wha? I cannae hear ya?" -Anonymous dwarven dock worker
We have been unable to confirm with the local authorities, as any attempt to get a comment from the harbour master was rebuked with a reply saying it was "Fookin early mate!", after which the door was slammed in our face and a loud belching could be heard from said harbour master's office.

Proper mad

According to local eyes on the scene then it was a very loud explosion.
"It was proper mad I tell ya!, like big loud bang right? And then suddenly there was like, these papers and stuff, all over the place! like them paper aeroplanes fancy kids make ya kno? them kids with noble parents who don't have to work like me and my brothers did ya kno?" -Anonymous dock worker

Newspaper-ception, Newsception?

At this point we spotted one of the so-called "papers" and upon a closer inspection it came as a shock to us to see it was a page from this very newspaper, and on it, this very article. We gasped as we were able to read the story before we even wrote it! - Mind boggling! But on the bright side.. the story wrote itself.




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