Has it really been that long? It has been awhile. Over a year actually. But "The Lion's Roar" is back. No longer a magazine, but a newspaper. Some of you may remember the magazine "The Lion's Roar" and for others this is completely new. I'll try to address what "The Lion's Roar" is, for both groups.


"The Lion's Roar" is back. It is no longer a magazine, but a newspaper with regular irregular updates. That means some days there might be new articles, some days maybe not. But unlike the magazine version then it won't be a huge chunk of reading material once or twice a month, but instead a somewhat steady flow of news and articles. How steady you may ask? well.. that all depends on how many people I find to produce quality content, but the ambition is high. More on this later. "The Lion's Roar" has always been about quality, and transparency. It has been about serious journalism and not about the catchy headlines and unsubstantiated rumours. This will not change. Any deviation from this standard will be clearly noted as such in the article. Assume articles are based on facts, unless otherwise noted. "The Lion's Roar" is not affiliated with any political organisation and if an article presents a certain view then it is the view of the author, not the magazine.

How to get involved

"The Lion's Roar" is not something I can or is willing to do alone. That means we are hiring regular journalists, but also looking to coorporate with freelance writers, photographers, or just people who happen to hear something, or have an idea for a great article. Contact us. Help us grow and become one of the best sources of news and information in Stormwind.

The future

"The Lion's Roar" is a work in progress. As more people sign up to help us produce content you will see an increase in categories of news, regular columns, reviews, reader to reader classified ads, readers' letters and much much more. Think it is missing something? Contact us.

- Spazzlefrock Frostcog (Editor in Chief)