Assault Riddles and Murder!

18-10-2020 BY Mel Thorpe / Journalist IN Crime
The stench of blood and rotting flesh still lingers and the horrific sight is not one our secretary Wyra, will soon forget. This is the second body that has been left in our office (not mentioning the decapitated head on the doorstep, or the bomb), and I was furious but also very busy with another case, so I called for the guards and had to leave Wyra to deal with the mess. You can bet though, that whenever First Company finds the killer, and they will, we will be sending them the cleaning bill. It was not until the next day that I had a chance to go and speak with the guards and thankfully, despite our past conflicts, Lieutenant Silva of First Company was very co-operative and granted me an interview, in which I discovered this was not the first crime committed by the same criminal, though unlike previous .....[READ MORE]

In loving memory

18-10-2020 BY Mel Thorpe / Journalist IN Other
Redgwyn Hearthland was born 28 years ago in Kul Tiras. She grew up alone with her father, navy captain Barr Heartland, after her mother died in childbirth. Her favourite experience was so spend time in the woods, creating natural remedies or sailing the sea with her father. Half a year ago she travelled with her father to Stormwind who invested a large sum in the tavern “Pig and Whistle” . Redgwyn started to work as a barmaid and manager together with her crew staff and the original manager Yazmin. With her charming ways and warm hospitality, she managed to create a flourishing tavern with both the old locals and new costumers flooding the bar in a short period of time. While working in the tavern she also offered her own life experience and wisdom to the Lion’s Roar Newspaper and had her own.....[READ MORE]

King Anduin Wrynn abducted and missing!

The last two days a certain atmosphere and anxiety has held Stormwind in a vice grip. Gossip, rumours, uncertainty and more questions than answers. From the kitchen staff saying the King's breakfast returned untouched, to witnesses seeing a golden armoured man being lifted into the sky from Lion's Rest by what seemed to be banshees. The Royal Court has twice announced emergency meetings, only to postpone them, tonight that meeting finally happened, and our worst fears were confirmed. King Anduin Wrynn is missing. Abducted. At the meeting Count Essington, High Consul of the Royal Court had the following statement: Some days ago our beloved King Anduin Wrynn, High King of the Alliance was taken from this very city and abducted by as of yet unknown forces. In the absence of the High King, High Exarch Turalyo.....[READ MORE]

Ford finally caught: Incompetence, bravery, perseverance and happy endings

14-10-2020 BY Mel Thorpe IN Crime
Captain Walden of the City Watch told me he and his men were closing in on the wanted Ex-Sergeant Ford and invited me along to witness the arrest. I figured it would be a great chance to get the full story as well as get a look at the inner workings of the City Watch, so I was happy to tag along. On the way to Lakeshire, the Captain explained that there has been a new gang operating around that area, and they believe Ford was leading it. The Watch were heading there to gather intel and try to track him down.

The stew:

Shortly after arriving we met with a group of farmhands who seemed to think very highly of the City Watch. Though they did appear to think they had more to do with telling them time than anything else though, in short, they seemed like a bunch of complete morons. They did, however,.....[READ MORE]

It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere

12-10-2020 BY Hardhy Lester IN Culture
A few weeks ago Mel, Wyra and I had the opportunity to visit Uldum, more specifically a campsite outside Mar'at which is the main location for a small and growing community, known as the Dunedweller Protectorate. A self-governing community under The Kingdom of Uldum, ruled by King Phaoris of the Ramakhan tribe. Below is extracts from our conversation, for us it was very educational, and I hope you, dear reader, also find it interesting and useful.


H. Lester: Hardhy Lester. Senior Journalist at the Lion's Roar Newspaper. An independent news source for the discerning readers of Azeroth. Seer Ea'thep Al'Quahara: Salutations to all three of you, and welcome to Uldum. H. Lester: This is Mel Thorpe and Wyra Int.....[READ MORE]

Caring for the gnomes!

03-10-2020 BY Hardhy Lester IN Other
Part of my evening schedule is to walk through Cathedral district and say hi to the group of gnomes who occupy a planter in the district. Usually 2-3 of them sitting and having a good time, debating life, gnome politics, and just being friends. It is an anchor in my life, a little reminder that in the midst of madness and chaos, something is alright, something is as it should be, something stays the course and grounds us all, trying to keep us in balance. The "convention of gnomes" - yes, that is the official term for a group of gnomes - just like I learned that a group of goblins is called a "hazard of goblins" or "a purse of goblins" varies in composition, I won't mention names here, as that is not vital for the story, but there is a core or 2-3 gnomes, and depending on which of those gnomes is present on .....[READ MORE]

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