Tales From the Front: Together, in the Name of Life

After I got my answers in Redridge, I followed the trail of the Scourge’s minions, and it ended up leading me to everyone’s favorite gloomy corner of the Kingdom: Duskwood. I met with a few soldiers and druids at the grove, and found one who had particularly interesting stories to tell. Telathas Moonrage, a member of the Cenarion Circle and disciple of Ursoc, was the first in the charge against the masses of undead horrors that were threatening to overrun the entire province. His description of the site of the battle painted a bleak picture. T. Moonrage: Mh. Raven Hill. An accursed place. Even by Duskwood's standards. I know little of the land's history. However, it is a prime ground for the Necrotic. Necromancers, cultists. Undead of all kinds. And... therefore it was quite the.....[READ MORE]

Tales from the Front: The Defense of Lakeshire

During these last few weeks, a lot of people have been driven from their homes, had their lives turned upside down, or their businesses destroyed by the rampaging undead. But what about the people on the front? Knights, squires, medics, all those men and women that fight the undead horrors to keep us safe, secure, and very much alive. I am conducting a series of interviews to find out more about how the battles are going, and for this first article, have found my way to Lakeshire, where I got the opportunity to talk to a group of brave soldiers that fought the undead tooth and nail over the last days and weeks. Lord Jeremiah Leonheart, Master-Sergeant Alexander Wilde, Harper Fawks and Rulfe, also known as ‘the Rat Guy’, participated in several battles, and agreed to answer my questions. To first get a goo.....[READ MORE]

Top 6 ways to survive the scourge invasion! Number 3 will surprise you!

ARRGGG Ghouls!! Zombies!!! Skeletons!! Infections are spreading, entire cities and communities are brought to their knees from the return of cults and the scourge. But there is hope! Below is the top six ways to increase your odds of survival! Compiled by trustowrthy experts!.

#6 Keep distance to people you don't know!

You can't see if people are infected until they turn, so this one should be a nobrainer - keep your distance unless you know for sure they won't suddenly turn on you and try to gnaw their way to your delicious entrails! A stranger is not a friend you havn't met, its a potential ghoul!

#5 Water and foood!

Your average human can survive almost a month without food before starvation sets in, but it is far more problematic to not have a supply of clean water. Three to four.....[READ MORE]

Short news Saturday 14. September

15-11-2020 BY Hardhy Lester IN Other
This is a test of a new concept, sometimes things happens which in and of themselves is too minor to warrant a full article, but also at the same time somewhat important - so as a test we will try to gather up a few of these short news stories and publish them as one article.

Job Faire Sunday evening

Sunday evening (at 8) House Dayton with Lady Dayton in the lead will be hosting a Job-faire. And what is a job-faire you may ask yourself? well we asked Lady Dayton herself about it and here is what she had to say: Lady Dayton: Its where various Employees can set up stalls with little freebees, they can stand on stage and give a talk about their work, or they can give a demonstration on what they do. Meanwhile, people in search of a Job can walk around. They can watch, look, talk, .....[READ MORE]

Stormwind plundered!

13-11-2020 BY Hardhy Lester IN Crime
Bars are closing, common commodities as well as luxury items are starting to get scarce in the city and panic is growing as rumours tell of the outer edges of the Kingdom being overrun by scourge. But one thing is more scarce than any of this. Guards. With more and more businesses closing their shops in Stormwind due to the imminent danger and scourge running amok in the country side - a lot of wares was left behind. Looters now run unstopped in the streets and the before boarded up shops are starting to look less and less boarded up as looters leave a trail of destruction and plundering behind them. It is not only the cultists and ghouls making the city unsafe - criminals and opportunistic people are as well. With most guard units off fighting the Scourge in Redridge citizens have come to rely on themselv.....[READ MORE]

The state of Business - Stormwind closing up!

12-11-2020 BY Hardhy Lester IN Business
The last few days has been hectic and rough on good old Lady Stormwind and business owners and shopkeepers are backing up and relocating. A few brave (or stupid?) bartenders insist on sticking around as rest of the city looks to Redridge and Duskwood and wonder how much longer they will be safe. The Shady Lady has moved their business to Boralus where their weekly brawl is being held on a ship, aptly named The Shady Lady Vessel, "Drinks are better when you can enjoy then without worrying that a ghoul might try and bite your arm off. That is why we closed the Shady Lady and moved to Boralus. But we brought the Shady with us! We are now serving and hosting events from The Shady Lady Vessel in Hook Point!" as the boss herself, Danny puts it. [img=117] The Amber Foundation, the charitable umbrella organization .....[READ MORE]

Job openings